“Soundsystem” tracklisting announced… Trifonic all up on it

Electronica/breaks legend Hybrid is putting out a mix compilation album this July. And we’re very excited to say that our track Parks On Fire is going to be included on it, alongside tracks from Massive Attack, Trentemoeller, Gorillaz, and many more of the artists we love!

From the press release:

Widescreen breaks duo Hybrid mix up ambient electronica and film scores on a new mix compilation Soundsystem 01 due out in July.

Hybrid’s debut album Wide Angle (1999), which combined breaks and filmscore-like symphonies, earmarked the duo of Mike Truman and Chris Healings as doyens of so-called “cinematic breaks.” Now the pair take the filmic tag one step further on a new 2CD compilation. Disc one includes atmospheric electronica from Trentemoller, Spooky and Vector Lovers alongside actual film score selections from big screen hits Babel, Crash and 28 Days Later. On the second disc, the pair wear their more traditional progressive/breaks hat mixing up selections from Sasha, Quivver and Elite Force with their own new material.


01 Harry Gregson Williams – Desert Chase (Seraphim Falls Soundtrack)
02 Trentemoller and Buda – Gamma (Original Mix)
03 Massive Attack – Sweet Is Good (Danny The Dog Soundtrack)
04 Trifonic – Parks On Fire
05 Lostep – 6am Sedna
06 Andy Page – Yellow Tracksuit
07 Vector Lovers – Last Day Of Winter
08 Stefan Anion – Das Land Spricht (Post Apocalypse)
09 Spooky – The River
10 John Murphy – Going Home (28 Weeks Later Soundtrack)
11 Harry Gregson Williams – Saladin (Kingdom Of Heaven Soundtrack)
12 Gorillaz – Film Music
13 John Murphy – Franks Death (Soldiers Reqiuem in D Minor) (28 Days Later Soundtrack)
14 Charlotte James – Shadows Of The City
15 Mark Isham – Flames (Crash Soundtrack)
16 Barry Jamieson – Arp Thing
17 Ryuichi Sakaomoto Feat. David Sylvian – World Citizen
18 Harry Gregson Williams Feat. Lisa Gerrard – Man On Fire (Man On Fire Soundtrack)

01 Sasha – Coma (Ambient Electro Mix)
02 Quivver – Surin (Original Mix)
03 Luke Dzierzek – Identity (King Unique Mix)
04 Shifter and Carvell – Dark Distance
05 Long Range – Just One More (Hybrid Matrix Dub)
06 Soliquid – Lonesfield (Original Mix)
07 Hybrid Feat. Charlotte James – Formula Of Fear (Hybrid Echoplex Mix)
08 Hybrid Feat. Harry Gregson Williams – Fifty Dollar Pistol (Shifter and Carvell Mix)
09 Lank – Confrontation (Original Mix)
10 Oliver Moldan Vs. Harada – Fortune Cookie (Ambient Mix)
11 Stefano Greppi – Electro Pop (Ambient Mix)
12 Elite Force – Shivva (Original Mix)

Not bad company to be in, eh? Can’t wait to check out the comp!