Hybrid talks about “Parks On Fire”!

Just came across this interview with Hybrid about their new Soundsystem 01 compilation album, which oh by the way just so happens to include our track Parks On Fire… check out what Mike had to say about our track:

… But there are loads of tracks that we have loved for ages. On the first CD there is Parks On Fire by Trifonic which is just sublime. I think it’s like the third track in. We based the first half of the mix around that. Chris leaves his i-chat on the entire time and he has all these other DJs, producers and people from around the world chatting to him. It’s a big boys network. They all swap records and swap mixes, just like ‘Oh, have you got that? I’ll give you this.’ It’s like football cards…haha..A few of the tracks came through there. One of Sachas co-producers, Barry Jameson, sent us that Trifonic track and we just fell in love with it straight away. It is just hoarding music basically, just boys and their toys!

Well, cheers to i-chat and to Barry (who also has a great track on Soundsystem 01) for the introduction… and of course to Mike and Chris for including us on the album. It’s truly an honor. You can read the entire interview here.

As I mentioned in the last post, Soundsystem 01 is available in Europe and Australia now and due out in North America in August.

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  1. Andrew August 3, 2008 at 1:54 am #

    Got the Soundsystem 01 a while back and the first cd is by far the best – more groundbreaking in it’s cohsen direction. Your track is truly the highlight… absolutely fantastic. One of the those tracks that from the offset, I’m getting amped thinking ‘what the f***’!!! That analogue bass; loose drum patterns (in a jazz veign); glitchy sounds adding detail and depth – all add to what might be my track of the year. Groundbreaking stuff: truly progressive in a world where one seeks high and low in order to obtain just this! Kudos…!

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