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Trifonic featured on Below Zero Beats!

Below Zero Beats – “the coolest chillout and downtempo radio show south of the North Pole” – has chosen Trifonic as their Featured Artist this week! They wrote a nice little blurb about us on their website, and even posted a picture of our handsome faces that you won’t want to miss. Very cool indeed!

You can tune in to the show on Energy 92.7 FM in San Francisco every Sunday, 8PM – midnight, or you can catch the show online on Live365.

Thanks to Sinukus and the rest of the crew for the Below Zero love!


After hearing about Twitter for months and months, I finally got around to checking it out. I’m still getting used to this idea of “twittering,” but I think I’m going to like it. (I’m soooo Web 2.0.)

You can follow all the details of our glamorous Trifonic lives here.

Emergence, now available for remixing

I’m very happy to announce that individual source tracks from Emergence are now available for download on ccMixter. The source tracks include uncompressed instrumental stems and vocal a cappellas from our album — about 2GB worth of material in all.

The source audio is free to use and available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

We can’t wait to hear what you talented folks do with our stuff. I hope you’ll upload whatever you create to the ccMixter site — it’s a great place to share your work. You can register here if you’re not a member already. Either way, please send us links to wherever your creations live so we can see them!

Happy remixing. And a huge thank you to Victor, Teru, and spinmeister at ccMixter for coordinating this and helping us share these tracks. You guys rock.

Emergence on

We just uploaded Emergence to Amie Street. It’s a new-ish music site based on a pretty cool idea: track prices vary depending on how popular they are. All new songs start out free and rise in price as more people buy them, up to 98 cents.

So if you’re an Amie Street user or want to explore the site, check out our profile, link to us, download the album and help us climb the Amie Street charts!

Brian. Miami. Ultra. Friday.

Brian will be at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this coming Friday, playing guitar for BT‘s set. So if you’re in the crowd that day, make sure to yell out his name and say hi. And if you happen to take any pictures of Brian on stage, please send them our way!

Producer’s Commentary

If you haven’t heard, all purchases from the store (download or CD) include our bonus producer’s commentary, where we discuss the recording and production process for each track on Emergence.

Here’s a brief clip where Brian talks about the title track, “Emergence”:

[audio:Producers Commentary (Excerpt).mp3]

Music Think Tank

For those of you interested in Music 2.0 and music business in general, I’m writing for the group blog Music Think Tank which just launched yesterday. I’m really excited and honored to be part of this project that includes a great cast of thought leaders in the world of online music. Please go check it out when you have a moment!