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The Mighty-O is here

The good folks at Fantasy T-Shirts designed us a kick-ass new shirt that we’ve dubbed the “Mighty-O” tee. (See the pics below and you’ll understand why).

The Mighty-O is available in brown and black right here – and only here – on our store page. Get yours while they last… all the cool kids are doing it!

Mighty-O T-Shirt front

Trifonic + Fantasy T-Shirts crew

Trifonic Merch

Trifonic logo t-shirts

We just added our famous logo tees to the store — at the moment we have a very limited stock, but depending on interest we may print another run soon!

Shirt details:
* black, short sleeve, lightweight cotton tees with a white logo on the front
* available in men’s/unisex and women’s styles
* $20 USD – FREE shipping anywhere in the universe

Trifonic logo tee

T-shirts Pre-order!

We are thinking about printing some Trifonic logo t-shirts…

But only if you want them.

To help us gauge demand, we set up a pre-order through The way it works is simple: If we get enough pre-orders by Friday, June 6th, we’ll print the t-shirts! If not, we will hold off until more folks are interested.

The great thing about Fundable is that your payment will only be processed if we meet our minimum pre-order goal… If we fall short, you won’t be charged a thing.

So if you want a t-shirt, go here for all the details and to place your order!