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Parks On Fire video @ Dumbo Art Festival (Brooklyn) this weekend

Digital artist extraordinaire Scott Pagano has created a stunning HD video for our track Parks On Fire, and it will be screening at Video_Dumbo this weekend in Brooklyn, NY. So if you are in the NYC area, go check it out!

For more information on Video_Dumbo and the Art Under The Bridge Festival, go here and here.

September 26 – 28
Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY

Trifonic featured on Imeem


I just found out that imeem has us on their Featured Artists and Labels section this week! No bribes, no payola. Just a really nice gesture by the imeem music department.

Last time I looked, Trifonic was sandwiched in between Usher and Uh Huh Her. Now that’s one hell of a lineup if you ask me…

Digital NARM

Thanks to Hypebot, I’m attending the Digital NARM conference in San Francisco this week!

I’ll be posting thoughts and highlights from the event on Hypebot, so please tune in over there if you’re interested… And of course if you’re going to be at NARM too, please email me or come say hi.


After hearing about Twitter for months and months, I finally got around to checking it out. I’m still getting used to this idea of “twittering,” but I think I’m going to like it. (I’m soooo Web 2.0.)

You can follow all the details of our glamorous Trifonic lives here.

Music Think Tank

For those of you interested in Music 2.0 and music business in general, I’m writing for the group blog Music Think Tank which just launched yesterday. I’m really excited and honored to be part of this project that includes a great cast of thought leaders in the world of online music. Please go check it out when you have a moment!

Get social with Trifonic

Now don’t get me wrong: is where we want you. There’s no better way to keep up with the latest Trifonic news and announcements than to subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed or by email. (Hint hint.)

But there are plenty of other places where we’d love to see you.

For example, you could become a fan on Facebook.

Or you could be our friend on Last.Fm.

Or link with us on imeem.

And of course there’s always MySpace — you may have heard of it.

So come say hi on your favorite site. It’s always nice for us to know who’s out there and listening!