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Emergence review on Rock Sellout

Music blog just posted a nice review of Emergence.

My favorite quote: “The richly layered soundscapes that Trifonic have recorded might not be the right choice to play at your neighbor’s bar mitzvah, but they’re perfect to escape from the oxidation that the modern world has a tendency of depositing.”

I really love that image. We’ll gladly take anti-oxidation over bar mitzvahs any day!

Emergence review on AudioScribbler


AudioScribbler posted a really nice review of Emergence on their site today.

Best quote from the review — and certainly the best description of our music I’ve heard thus far: “More trippy than a Crystal Castles fan on meth and smoother than an otter dipped in lube, Trifonic is a must listen for fans of Massive Attack, Portishead and the like, but it also appeals to those in search of a good beat to chill out to.”

Cheers to that!

Hybrid talks about “Parks On Fire”!

Just came across this interview with Hybrid about their new Soundsystem 01 compilation album, which oh by the way just so happens to include our track Parks On Fire… check out what Mike had to say about our track:

… But there are loads of tracks that we have loved for ages. On the first CD there is Parks On Fire by Trifonic which is just sublime. I think it’s like the third track in. We based the first half of the mix around that. Chris leaves his i-chat on the entire time and he has all these other DJs, producers and people from around the world chatting to him. It’s a big boys network. They all swap records and swap mixes, just like ‘Oh, have you got that? I’ll give you this.’ It’s like football cards…haha..A few of the tracks came through there. One of Sachas co-producers, Barry Jameson, sent us that Trifonic track and we just fell in love with it straight away. It is just hoarding music basically, just boys and their toys!

Well, cheers to i-chat and to Barry (who also has a great track on Soundsystem 01) for the introduction… and of course to Mike and Chris for including us on the album. It’s truly an honor. You can read the entire interview here.

As I mentioned in the last post, Soundsystem 01 is available in Europe and Australia now and due out in North America in August.

Soundsystem 01 available now in Europe, Australia

Hybrid’s Soundsystem 01 compilation mix album, which includes our track
Parks On Fire, is out now in Europe and Australia. The 2-disc release also includes tracks by Massive Attack, Trentemoller, Sasha, and other electronic artists you may have heard of…

Being in such stellar company, we were really excited to see that BBC identified “Parks On Fire” as one the key tracks in their review of the album!

Soundsystem 01 is due out in North America in August.

Pics and review of Red Devil show

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the show last Thursday!!

Brian and I had a great time. It was so awesome to see all of you Bay Area folks out there cheering us on… you rock.

Below are a couple pictures from the show, as well as a video (courtesy of Peter from Stranger Dance) of us performing “Infiltration.” If you have any pictures or videos of your own from the show, please send them our way!

You can also find a nice review of our performance on Stranger Dance.

Red Devil 6-26-08 1 of 3

Red Devil 6-26-08 2 of 3

Red Devil 6-26-08 3 of 3

Hecklerspray write-up

London-based entertainment blog Hecklerspray just posted a feature about Trifonic that is — if I’m cutting through their signature sarcasm correctly — quite positive on our music!

The moral of the story? Making friends on MySpace really does pay off…

Trifonic featured on Below Zero Beats!

Below Zero Beats – “the coolest chillout and downtempo radio show south of the North Pole” – has chosen Trifonic as their Featured Artist this week! They wrote a nice little blurb about us on their website, and even posted a picture of our handsome faces that you won’t want to miss. Very cool indeed!

You can tune in to the show on Energy 92.7 FM in San Francisco every Sunday, 8PM – midnight, or you can catch the show online on Live365.

Thanks to Sinukus and the rest of the crew for the Below Zero love!