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New Remix page and multi-tracks for Remergence

We recently added a Remix page to where you can find multi-track stems – for free! – for both Emergence and Remergence.

A while back, we made the stems for Emergence available through ccMixter – you can still find them there.

For the Remergence EP stems, we decided to try MixMatchMusic’s Remix Wizard. (See below for an example.) Through the widgets we created, you can either download the stems or use MixMatch’s online MixMaker to make a remix, and then (if you want) upload your remix to our widget so we can check it out.

Happy remixing!

New Music: Lies (Sweetest Sin Mix) [mp3]

Here’s the 5th and final track from the Remergence EP, which comes out next Tuesday! Remergence is going to be a digital-only release (for now), and will be available right here on as well as iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all the other usual suspects… More details to follow next week.

Lies (Sweetest Sin Mix):
[audio:Lies (Sweetest Sin Mix).mp3]
This file is no longer available.

Remergence EP + exclusive free downloads on the way!

Brian and I recently finished some remixes of our own tracks from Emergence,which we will be releasing at the end of September as an EP titled Remergence (get it??)… more details to follow as the date approaches.

In the meantime, we will be sharing one track from Remergence per week, for free download, right here and only here on Each download will be available for 1 week only, so if you’re not subscribed to the blog, make sure to check in with us regularly so you don’t miss one!

First up is our remix of “Broken” (feat. Amelia June), which you can find in the post immediately following this one…