Liner Notes

emergence_300.jpgTrifonic – Emergence

Released: February 26, 2008

Genre: Electronic/Alternative

Executive Producer: Trifonic

Produced and Recorded by: Trifonic

Mastered by: Roger Seibel (SAE Mastering)

Label: self-released/Trifonic Music LLC

Publishing: Trifonic Publishing (BMI)

Emergence is Trifonic’s debut album. It was written and recorded in 2007.

About the title
The term emergence refers to many simple, independent actions giving rise to complex systems and patterns. It’s similar to the concept of order out of chaos. Emergence can be seen in everything from the formation of molecules and the evolution of complex organisms, to behavior in ant colonies and flocks of birds, to traffic patterns and stock markets.

The concept of emergence is applicable in many ways to how we make our music. We typically start with a single sound or idea that we find interesting — maybe a guitar amp setting, a bass note, or just some sort of ambience. Then we begin adding other elements, shaping and refining the sound of each one as we go. This process of layering sounds eventually leads us to the melodies and rhythms that define each song. As a track begins to take shape we start to get a sense of what the finished product might look like. But the track often becomes something very different by the time we’re done with it.

Tracklisting (see track details)
01. Emergence
02. Broken
03. Parks On Fire
04. Infiltration
05. Lies
06. Transgenic
07. Sooner or Later
08. Vacuum Tree
09. Terminal A
10. Terminal B
11. Good Enough

Gear list – what we used to make the album