Finally, some new tunes

First off, welcome to the new and improved! Things are still a bit sparse here, but we’ll be adding a lot more content in the next couple months… so I strongly suggest you subscribe to our blog via RSS or email to stay up on all the latest Trifonic news and events. (If you don’t know what RSS is, first get back in your time machine and set it to 2008. I mean honestly… And then check out Google Reader or some other RSS aggregator. It will change your life, I promise.)

But I digress.

Those of you who know us know that we’ve spent the past year working on our debut album. And now it’s finally done! The album is titled Emergence, and it’s going to have 11 tracks on it. It will be available in late February right here on this site, as well as all the usual suspects (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). We’ll keep you posted.

For now, you can check out a few of the tracks that will be on Emergence here. Hope you enjoy!

Please bear with us…

As you can see, we’re building a new and improved Exciting! It’ll take us a little while to flesh things out here… but it’ll be worth the wait, I promise.