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Trifonic production blog is live: Next Step Audio

Happy 2010! As the holidays season winds down, Brian and I are looking forward to an exciting, productive new year. I hope you are too.

A few months ago we mentioned we’d be launching a production blog, and I’m happy to say that it’s finally here: NextStepAudio.com.

The idea behind Next Step Audio is to show you specifically how Trifonic works in the studio, and demonstrate some advanced techniques for producing electronic music. Over time we plan to offer various downloads (like the free Trifonic bass patch available now) and more in-depth tutorials for the folks that are very committed to improving their production skills.

We’ll be posting new videos every week, so please go check out the site and subscribe to the Next Step Audio RSS feed. You can also find Next Step Audio on twitter and Facebook.

Please let us know what topics and production questions you’re most interested in us covering (and thanks for the previous feedback). We’ll do our best to address the areas you care about.

Hope you find Next Step Audio useful. Happy producing in 2010!

From Next Step Audio